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Is Sports Medicine For Me, Even If I’m Not An Athlete?

When you hear the phrase “sports medicine”, you may be apt to think that, unless you’re an athlete, it really doesn’t apply to you. However, if you like to move in any way, even if it’s just getting up and down the stairs comfortably, sport medicine should be part of your medical resources.

Sports medicine focuses on the non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal challenges. About 90% of conditions can be treated using oral and injectable medications and physical therapies.

Sport Medicine techniques treat not only athletes, both adults and children, but anyone seeking to achieve pain-free movement. This includes people with physically demanding jobs, dancers and patients who are hoping to maintain or regain fitness through more beneficial exercise techniques. Disabled people may tap into sports medicine to help maximize mobility, capability and functionality. Sports medicine techniques can help improve performance, whether that’s being able to bend with more flexibility and less pain at work or lower your bowling score.

Make an appointment to see our sports medicine specialists when you experience:
• Joint injuries
• Muscle strains
• Overuse injuries such as tendonitis
• Sprains
• Fractures
• Cartilage injuries
• Beginning a new exercise program
• Intensifying an existing exercise program

Perhaps most important, sports medicine enables patients to avoid an injury in the first place. Prevention is a cornerstone of sports medicine. Dr. Park, Dr Aribindi and physical therapist Tina guide patients through safe strength training recommendations, appropriate conditioning exercises and proper bending, lifting, throwing and other movement forms. They will also help prevent further injuries by carefully determining when a recovering person can return to full desired activity levels. 

Southland Orthopaedics professional staff can also discuss nutrition, supplements and other activity-related medical issues.

Has your movement of any type become restricted by pain or injury? Wondering if sports medicine can help, whether you’re an athlete, a construction worker or a grandpa who wants to bike with his grandchildren?  Click here or call 708-283-2600 and request an appointment. We’ll be happy to make a thorough examination, answer all your questions and resolve your pain with sports medicine philosophies and techniques. 

Important - when a sudden injury means acute and severe swelling and pain, or if you are unable to put weight on an injured foot, leg, hand or arm, don’t wait for an appointment. Go to your nearest Urgent Care as soon as possible!